Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems with a good surveillance system can make your home or business safer and more efficient, and less prone to theft and fraudulent accident claims.

See what’s Happening at your home or business when your away.


Whether you own a home or a business, you want to do everything in your power to keep your property safe. And with a new or updated surveillance system, you can protect your house, office, restaurant, or other place of business with ease.

At AMPED Security, we offer fast and efficient security camera installation in Oklahoma City, OK so you don’t have to wait to secure your property.

REAP THE BENEFITS OF A Commercial Alarm Systems

When you choose to invest in a commercial or residential security system, you can experience several benefits. A company or home security automation system reduces your chances for theft, vandalism, and property loss. Burglars and vandals are less likely to break into or damage a property that is clearly safeguarded by a security system.

​Additionally, you’ll have easy access to remote monitoring so you can see your property anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re away on vacation or your business is closed for a holiday, you can use your laptop, phone, or tablet to make sure your property is left undisturbed in your absence.

Insurance companies are also more likely to lower your insurance premium if you make your property safer.

Our security camera installation services are incredibly affordable. We believe that everyone should have access to professional-grade business and home security automation. We offer our services and products at rates that won’t break the bank.

To learn more about the products and services we offer in Oklahoma City, OK, scroll down. Once you’ve found the information you need, give us a call at 405-600-9239 to schedule an installation service.


AMPED Security offers IP solution for our digital age. With 4k TVs hitting the mark the Security cameras have followed the 4k trend. IP Cameras now offer 4k and a 1080p digital picture giving you a crystal clear image. In many cases with commercial surveillance we are still using yesterday technology to protect or banks, schools and government when think of upgrading think Digital think AMPED.

THE RIGHT Commercial Alarm Systems

The right cameras for the right job is very important we at AMPED Security understand this.
AMPED Audio Video Security designs and installs dozens of cameras system a month and works with many manufacturers to make sure we can provide the right camera for your job. AMPED Security Technicians looks at all things before it recommending products. The top 5 Things we look for.
1 Lighting from exterior lights
2 Distance between the space you want to cover
3 Where the camera needs to be place in order to get the best picture
4 The temperature of where the camera will be placed
5 IR or Intensifier cameras
These top 5 things will help us determine the right lenses size and TVL for your system.


AMPED Audio Video Security Camera installer are highly trained in HD SDI, HDTVI, Analog and IP camera systems. With today technology it only makes since to incorporate a high definition camera system into intrusion detection system.

If you’re looking for a security camera installers in Oklahoma city Look no further Contact AMPED Security today.


Do you have an application where wires cant be ran? AMPED Security technicians are trained in wireless network design and installation. In many cases with commercial installation we use military grade equipment with ranges over a mile from point to point. What dos this mean to you? if you own an apartment complex that has multiple buildings we can design a network that talks from building to building and then back to the home office where everything can be recorded on the NVR.

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